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Places of Interest Around South Nicosia,

South Cyprus

Although this web site is essentially information about North Cyprus, we have included places of interest for South Nicosia. The reason is simply that Nicosia is a compact city, and crossing between North and South is easier than it ever has been. You will need to remember a few things however.

You will be effectively crossing between two countries, so you will need your passport. There is unrestricted access between the North and South by EU passport holders, but much less so by other nationalities, particularly if your point of entry to the island was in the North. Turkish Lira is not acceptable in the South. Neither can it be changed at the banks. However Euros are readily available at the change shops in the North before you cross over without any restrictions. It is also worth pointing out that most shops, offices and public buildings are closed from around 3pm on Saturday and all day Sunday.

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General Information


Arablar Mosque

Archbishop Philotheou Street

Archbishop's Palace (Byzantine Museum)

Axiothea Street Mansion

Ayios Antonios Church

Ayios Kassianos Church

Ayios Savvas Church

Bayraktar Mosque


Chrysaliniotissa Church

Chrysaliniotissa Craft Centre

Chrysaliniotissa Garden

Chrysaliniotissa Kindergarten

Chrysaliniotissa Rehabilitation project

Church of Archangel Michael Trypiotis

Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum

Cyprus Folk Art Museum

Cyprus Jewellers Museum

Cyprus Museum

Famagusta Gate

"Fourni" Building

Freedom Square (Platia Eleftherias)

Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion

Holy Cross Catholic Church

Laiki Geitonia Area

Ledra Observatory

Ledra Street

Leventis Municipal Museum

Liberty Monument

Maronite Church

Melina Mercouri Hall

Municipal Gardens

Municipal Market

Municipal Theatre

National Struggle Museum

Nicosia City Guided Walk

Nicosia City Walls

Nicosia Master Plan Information Office

Omeriye Baths

Omeriye Mosque

Omeriye Rehabilitation Project

Pancyprian Gymnasium (Severios Library)

Paphos Gate

Phaneromeni Area

Phaneromeni Church

Phaneromeni Library

Phaneromeni School

Pierides Collection

Postal & Philatelic Museum

Power House Modern Art Centre

Shadow Figure Theatre Museum

Social and Culture centre

St John's Cathedral

State Art Gallery

Tahtakale Mosque

Technical Chamber of Cyprus

Tophane Mesjidi