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Laiki Geitonia (Traditional Neighbourhood)

Nicosia, South Cyprus

The Laiki Geitonia traditional neighbourhood in Nicosia, South Cyprus
Laiki Geitonia

The Laiki Geitonia traditional neighbourhood is a pedestrian area, just inside the city walls opposite the D'Avila bastion.

Until the 1980s, the area was known as a home for various "dens of iniquity". Since then, however, it has been an excellent example of urban renewal, designed to evoke the atmosphere of old Nicosia.

Laiki Geitonia has seen the restoration of houses that are typical examples of traditional Cypriot urban architecture. The buildings date from the end of the 18th Century, with building materials being mainly wood, sandstone and mudbrick. It is a pedestrianised area of narrow winding streets, combining residential houses with craft shops and tavernas. It is a very popular area for both locals and tourists to browse among its many shops.

Laiki Geitonia houses the main Tourist Information Centre, where walking tours of Nicosia start on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  


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