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Fed up with stony beaches packed with tourists and fringed by high-rise developments as far as the eye can see? Come to North Cyprus, where golden beaches stretch for miles along the unspoilt Northern Cyprus coastline. You won't find crowds on beaches in Northern Cyprus either, just the warm Mediterranean Sea lapping at the sands, and the famous turtles nesting during the summer months. North Cyprus beaches are simply the way beaches ought to be!

The North Cyprus coastline is a bather's delight, with rocky outcrops hiding secluded sandy coves, just right for a boat trip or lunch on the sands.  Whether you base yourself at Kyrenia or on the Karpaz Peninsula, a good beach in North Cyprus is never very far away.

Famagusta beaches

Famagusta Bay in North Cyprus is just one long beach, its golden sands stretching as far as the eye can see. If your Famagusta hotel is on the bay, it will usually have excellent access to the beach, ideal for those who love plenty of sand and sea on their Northern Cyprus family holiday.

The most unusual beach has to be Palm Beach, located right on the edge of the ghost town of Varosha. Before 1974, the Constantina Hotel dominated this busy area, a playground for the rich of Europe. The hotel has been renovated and gives access to the beach and a view of the no-go area of Varosha beyond.

Karpaz beaches

The great feature of Karpaz beaches is that they are somewhat remote - and therefore often empty. For those who love to get away from the crowds on their North Cyprus holiday, these beaches are ideal.

The beach at Ayios Philon, North Cyprus
The Beach at Ayios Philon

The clean sandy beach at Kaplica is just at the start of the peninsula, and the shell of a former hotel at the water's edge reminds you how lucky you are to be sunbathing in North Cyprus, not on some built-up sun strip!

The public beach at Yeni Erenkoy has showers and a restaurant, and the Karpaz beach just three kilometres away suits strong swimmers who like picturesque rocky bays.

The Karpaz Peninsula wasn't always so quiet; swim at Kasa Beach at Ayios Philon, and you're splashing about in the ancient harbour of Karpasia.

The southern coastline of the Karpaz Peninsula has plenty of beaches, but few are easily accessible and offer no amenities. The star of the south is Golden Sands, a beach fringed with magnificent sand dunes and populated by North Cyprus breeding sea turtles.. A magical place to visit, but remember you must not disturb the turtles in any way; they are a protected species.

Kyrenia Beaches

If you do prefer the beach to be just a stone's throw away from your North Cyprus hotel, the coastline west of Kyrenia offers plenty of characterful beaches within reach of your hotel room. 

The Altinkaya beach has sweeping sands, with shallow water suitable for children. You can even wade across to Golden Rock, a tiny island that guards the beach from the open sea. What's more, you can drive your North Cyprus hire car right down to the beach area and restaurant. Not far away is the Escape Beach Club, and both beaches offer a bar, restaurant and a night club each, so these North Cyprus nightspots are very popular with a younger crowd.

The Denizkizi beach officially belongs to the hotel of the same name, but for a small fee this sheltered bay with excellent swimming is your North Cyprus beach paradise for the day.

Further down the coast is Horseshoe Bay. This is a pebble beach, and provides good snorkelling for adults.

Alagadi Beach near Kyrenia, North Cyprus
Alagadi beach

East of Kyrenia, The Acapulco beach belongs to the holiday village of the same name, and its well worth the entrance fee to sit on such a pristine North Cyprus sandy beach. It's almost picture perfect, with the bay book-ended with rocky points, and a gently shelving sandy beach slipping gently into the warm Mediterranean waters. Here's the place to enjoy water sports in North Cyprus too, with a great range on offer.

Vogue Beach Club has recently opened. It's only 1 minute away from the Acapulco beach. Vogue beach is not as long as Acapulco beach and it is not completely sand. Nevertheless, the view, the restaurant and ice cream places are good. There is also a large pool and large jacuzzi.

Lara beach is the kind of beach kids love when they want a little more to explore, as it offers fascinating rocky places amongst the sand. Their parents will probably want to opt for the smooth limestone rocks at the western edge, but the children will enjoy the rock pools there too.

Alagadi is a beautiful public beach with two views to die for; turn away from the sea for a wonderful view of the Five Finger Mountains. This is one of the major beaches in Northern Cyprus where the turtles come to nest, and so is sometimes called "Turtle Beach". This is the longest stretch of sandy beach on the northern coast, and is fringed by sand dunes.