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Free City Tours

Nicosia, South Cyprus

The TIC in Laiki Geitonia, the start of the conducted tours of South Nicosia
The TIC, Start Point for the Tours

Since 1987, Nicosia municipality has been organising free conducted walks within the old city and the area  outside the walls. Walks begin and end at the TIC in the Laiki Geitonia area. There are tours on Mondays and Thursdays, and each one is different. They last for around 2 hours 45minutes, and usually include a stop for refreshments.

Kaimakli Walk.

Organized every Monday at 10:00, this tour is conducted on an old wooden bus and takes visitors to the Kaimakli area within the Municipality of Lefkosia, which is divided by the Greeen Line.

The old Bedford bus used for the tours of south Nicosia, Cyprus
The Bedford Bus Used for the City Tours

Visitors can see old buildings that have been renovated and new ones constructed, attracting young families who have breathed new life into an area that had been left derelict after the Turkish intervention of 1974. The old nucleus of Kaimakli still boasts some of the most distinctive examples of late 19th century houses, built by the renowned master craftsmen of the area.

Walking Tour within the City Walls.

Organised every Thursday at 10:00, the walking tour aims to give an overall picture of the city within the walls and how it has evolved through the centuries. Special emphasis is paid to the town's architecture from the medieval years to the present and to some of its churches. Visitors also have the chance to visit the buffer zone dividing the north from the south, workshops and shops where craftsmen such as candle makers, blacksmiths, chair-makers, cobblers, coppersmiths and tailors remain true to their traditional crafts.

If you are unable to visit Nicosia on those days, just follow the metal plates on the pavement. This  trail will take you past most places of interest, and at the Lokmaci crossing point, joins a similar trail of north Nicosia.


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