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Phaneromeni Area

Nicosia, South Cyprus

The Phaneromeni area of Nicosia, South Cyprus
Phaneromeni Square

The Phaneromeni area developed round a central square, surrounded by buildings of important architectural value such as Phaneromeni church and the Arablar mosque, Modern shops and offices exist in this area of mixed British, Gothic and Byzantine architecture.

Within the Phaneromeni area, there are many listed buildings that have fallen into disrepair, despite the fact they are excellent examples from the British period.

The proximity of the area to the Green Line is the primary reason for this lack of maintenance and subsequent conditions. However, under the Nicosia Master Plan, the area has been refurbished and upgraded.

Social, commercial and cultural activities already exist in the Phaneromeni area, which is fast becoming an attractive focal point in the walled city. Just a couple of minutes walk from Ledra Street, the area is an oasis of tranquillity close to a busy shopping area.

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