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Thursday 2nd August (Paris)

Boy did it rain last night. My room is in the eaves of the hotel, so I was getting the rain drumming on my roof all night. I was just about to go out this morning wearing my emergency plastic mac, but I spotted a bit of blue sky, so it went back into my room.

The Louvre, paris
The Louvre
The pyramid at the Louvre, Paris
The Famous Pyramid
The floodlit pyramid at the Louvre, Paris
The pyramid at night
The Venus de Milo at the Louvre, Paris
The Venus de Milo
The Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre, Paris
Victory of Samothrace
The Mona Lisa at the Louvre, Paris
The Mona Lisa

Visited the Louvre this morning. Got to say it's not what I expected. To start there is a huge shopping mall as part of the complex. I also didn't know that when they were doing excavations a few years back, they found the walls of the citadel that was originally on the site. These have now been rebuilt which gives the whole complex the feel of a cross between Bluewater, the Tower of London, the British museum and the Tate.

View from the first floor of the Eifel Tower, Paris
View from the First floor 
The Eifel tower from the river
The Tower From the River 
The Eifel tower, floodlit at night
The Tower at  Night 
Notre Dame, Paris, from the river
Notre Dame from the River
Notre dame, Paris
Notre Dame 

One surprise is that they actually encourage photography, unlike London where if you tried to use a camera the attendants would be drawing lots to see who could jump on you from the greatest height!

From there I took a boat to the Eifel Tower for lunch on the first floor. (No time to go higher as the queues were horrendous.)

Back to the boat again for a trip to Notre Dame and a look it its Gothic architecture. Interesting to compare this with the French influence in TRNC.

By the time I'd finished that lot I was shattered, and could have done without my bus tour held over from yesterday. But hey! I'm Scottish and I'd already paid for it! The tour round Paris was well worth the effort, however, and made me realise just how much there is to see in this city.

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