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Yigitler Park (Roccas Bastion)

Nicosia, North Cyprus

Yigitler Park on the Roccas Bastioin of the Nicosia city walls.
Yigitlar Park on the Roccas Bastion

Yigitler Park is built on the Roccas Bastion, which is in the Arabahmet area in the southwest part of the walled city.

Like all of the walls eleven bastions, it was named after one of the Venetian families that contributed to the original construction.

The bastion is used as a park for the benefit of the people of Arabahmet and for visitors to the area. A car park with a capacity for 36 cars and 3 minibuses has been built on the north side, and the nearby environment has been upgraded.

The border between north and south comes up to the city walls at this point, and there is no "no man's land" here. After 1974, it was not unusual to find Turkish Cypriots at the top of the wall and Greek Cypriots at the base, trading messages and insults between one another! However this need has now been met by the opening of the various crossing points, and the park is now used for its intended purpose.


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