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Cafer Pasha Bath and Fountain

Famagusta, North Cyprus

Cafer Pasa fountain, Famagusta, North Cyprus
The Cafer Pasha Fountain

The Cafer Pasha Bath and fountain are on the north west corner of Namik Kemal Square.

Cafar Pasha was a distinguished Ottoman general, and after the conquest of Famagusta in 1571, supervised improvements to the infrastructure of the city, which greatly helped foster the prosperity of its inhabitants. In particular, he improved the water supply to the city, building many aqueducts and fountains throughout.

The Cafer Pasa Bath, Famagusta, North Cyprus
The Cafer Pasha Bath

The best preserved fountain can be seen to the right of the entrance to the Venetian palace, and was built in 1597. The tub of the fountain is made of marble, and is a recycled roman sarcophagus.

Across the road from the fountain is the Cafer Pasha Bath. Although the bath dates to 1605, the square part, which was used as the undressing room, is much older, being originally part of the early 14th century church of St Francis.

The remainder of the baths, however, reflect the style of a typically Ottoman Turkish bath, with domed rooms.

The baths are currently in use as a restaurant.

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