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Tandi's Hamam

Nicosia, North Cyprus

Tandi's Hamam, Nicosia, North Cyprus
Tandi's Hamam

This building, which is located in Atilla Street in the Yenicami quarter of Nicosia, was built with cut stones.

In the early 1900s, Gosti Giryagu Tandi had skilled Greek workers construct this building and shopping area at the western part of Cukur Bahce (Hollow garden). Its plan has characteristics of classic Ottoman baths, having five domes, and is known to be the first family bath. After 1953, it became a woman only bath. During this time, both the managers and attendants at the bath were women.

During the disturbances  of 1958, the bath was partially destroyed, and the bath (and shopping area) fell into disuse. with the stones of the changing area being used for building. It is planned to renovate it as part of the Nicosia Master Plan.



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