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Aziz Effendi Tekke

Nicosia, North Cyprus

The tomb of Aziz Efendi, Nicosia, North Cyprus
Tomb of Aziz Efendi

The tomb and shrine (tekke) of Mufti Aziz Efendi is located at the south eastern part of the municipal market (the Bandabuliya). It was built as a tomb in the memory of Aziz Efendi, who died in the 1570 - 1571 conquest of Cyprus. At that time, Aziz Efendi was as the mufti of the army which came to conquer the island. During the siege of Nicosia by the Turkish army, he was killed in fighting by the Venetians near the Ayia Sofia Cathedral (now the Selimiye Mosque).

This shrine was built by the command of  Sultan Selim II. In the following years, it was adopted as a tekke by adding a masjid (mosque) and some ancillary rooms. It is also known as Aziziye Shrine. The masjid and tomb were in regular use as a place of prayer for the market traders until 1963.

The tekke lies tight against the green line, so the only access to the building is from the municipal market. In the courtyard there is a fountain with a small reservoir. On the eastern side of the courtyard is a door leading to the original wooden floored mosque. The wooden ceiling of the masjid is carried by two arches.

Access to the tekke is through an interior door in this mosque.


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