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Lapta Coastal Path

Lapta to Karsiyaka, North Cyprus

Lapta Coastal Path
The Lapta Coastal Path

The Lapta coastal path is an initiative by the Mayor of Lapta, and was partially opened in 2013. At the time of writing, February 2017, the second phase is under construction.

The stretch of coast between Lapta and Karsiyaka is rocky, and sandy beaches are few and far between. Consequently there was not a lot of incentive to visit the coast, and most people, both locals and visitors, tended to drive past en route to other places.

When completed the walk will be around 5Km in length and include walkways over the sea at three bays along the route.

The path meanders along the coast, giving uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean. It is mainly level, affording easy use for wheelchair users.

Small harbour alongside the Lapta Coastal Path
Small Harbour Alongside the Path

There are benches every hundred yards or so, giving the opportunity to relax, admire the view, and take the walk at your own speed.

Coming from Kyrenia, you can find the start of the path immediately after the run of sea front hotels.

This stretch is only about about 200 yards long, and stops alongside the Silver Rocks restaurant where the first of the three bays is waiting to be bridged.

The next part of the path starts on the other side of the bay. It can be reached by taking the turning after the Silver Rocks restaurant. Ignore the barbed wire and no entry signs. Like many places in North Cyprus, the military has gone, but the fencing remains!

Overwater bridge under construction
Overwater Walkway Under Construction

This section of the pathway is probably the least attractive, as it is still under construction, and is close to a hotel that is being built.

However it is worth a visit for two reasons.

At one end  it starts at a small boat harbour. At the other end, the first of the bridges is being built over the largest of the three bays.

At the time of writing, piles are being driven into the sea to support the bridge structure.

Beyond here is a section of about 100 yards and the third of the bays. Construction has yet to start here, but when built, will link into the completed section.

The first phase of the path can be reached from the coastal road a little further east. The path is signposted, but the signs are not very large and can be easily missed. Look out for "LAPTA SAHIL YURUS YOLU".

Ziggy's Cafe
Ziggy's Cafe

Probably the easiest way to find it is to take the slip road alongside JK's bar, and virtually any road to the right will take you there.

This portion of the walk is around 3 Km long to its western end alongside Sardunya Bay. This part of the path is well used, and gives you an opportunity for a break.

Two thirds of the way along, you can stop for a drink and snack at Zihni's cafe where you will be greeted like a long lost friend. Indeed, Ziggy, as he is universally called by his customers, is quickly becoming one of the "characters" of the area.

The path ends (or starts) above Sardunya bay, one of the few sandy coves you will have met, and is ideal for a quick swim. There is also a beach bar if you just want to sit and relax.

When finished, it is hoped to have an amphitheatre, fitness areas, and children's play areas. However, that is probably a few years away.

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