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Akdeniz village Tomb

Near Guzelyurt, North Cyprus

The bronze age tome at Akdeniz (Ayia Irini), near Guzelyurt, North Cyprus
The Akdeniz Village Tomb

Just outside the village of Akdeniz (Ayia Irini) lies an important late Bronze Age site excavated in 1929 by the Swedish archaeological mission.

The site is rather secluded, although to the north of the site there is evidence of a small settlement and burials.

The sanctuary at Akdeniz is famous for its large number of clay figurines that were found in situ positioned round the alter. These figurines, probably offerings to a god, number around 2000 and only two of them are females. Many of the figurines are exceptionally large in size and seem to have come from the same workshop.

Half the figurines were transferred to Sweden, while the other half are in the Cyprus Museum, South Nicosia.

The site is reached through the village of Akdeniz. Take the road that is not marked to the beach. It has to be said that this site is for the enthusiasts, as there is now very little to see.

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