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Kampanopetra Basilica

Salamis, Near Famagusta, North Cyprus

The Kampanopetra Basilica at Salamis, near Famagusta, North Cyprus
Kampanopetra Basilica

The Kampanopetra basilica occupies a magnificent position overlooking the sea, not far from the harbour. It must have been a magnificent sight to those on board ship as they approached the city.

Built in the 4th century, it consisted of a courtyard surrounded with columns, and rooms leading off. This may have been an agora, or perhaps an early monastic cloister.

At the end there was a triple apse. In the central apse, there were seats fort the bishop and other clergy.

At the back of the apse, there appears to have been baths, as there are remains of a sweating room.. One of the rooms here has a dazzling mosaic consisting of concentric rings made up of light and dark triangles.


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